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To maintain accuracy, compliance, relevance and recentness of information, offers and prices, all websites small or large need content to be added or modified on a regular basis. A content management system enables you to manage your website content with little or no web programming technical knowledge.

We’ve listened to our customers requirements, and developed a content management system that is quick and easy to use. We follow an ongoing development process to continuously enhance our content management system that now empowers hundreds of websites.

Easy to use

Our Content Management solutions are not only feature rich but also equally easy to use. If you have basic skill sets of using office applications like Microsoft Word you could very easily maintain the content on your website using our Content Management System.

We use ongoing user feedback to make sure every screen is intuitive and logical to use. It is an easy to use browser based solution that can be accessed from any PC connected to the internet and is currently being used by numerous websites to maintain their websites on a daily basis.

Design Flexibility

Most content management systems impose several design constraints to your website. We believe that the website design should be creative, effective and complementary to your overall brand.

Our designers create a bespoke look for your website based on your requirements. Once you are happy with those, we use our content management system building blocks to put together and create a look that is in harmony with your overall brand.


Flexible Design and Layout

  • Creative design and branding
  • Bespoke layouts
  • Designs and usablitliy specific to your requirements

Content Editing

  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Ability to add, edit, delete folders, pages
  • Create links
  • Link to documents
  • Add, update graphical images like banners, boxes
  • Microsoft Word like text editor
  • Text on banners
  • Automatically created Sitemap
  • Navigation bar with drop down menus, images
  • Non-html fonts for headers

Search Engine Optimisation Features

  • Generate search engine friendly URL
  • Page specific meta data – title, keywords, description
  • Optimised HTML coding
  • Description tag on Images

Standard Applications

  • News static
  • RSS
  • Specials features
  • Events / Events registration
  • Events calendar
  • Membership / Registration / Login / Members area
  • Contact us / Enquiry
  • Products
  • Custom forms
  • News letter subscription
  • Downloads / Browse folder
  • Paypal integration
  • Video gallery
  • Case tracking / submissions
  • Call me back
  • Feedback
  • Testimonials
  • Search
  • Photo / Image gallery
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Customised Email template generator
  • Excel upload and downlaod

Custom Development

  • Custom application frontend / backend
  • Database development
  • Custom workflow

3rd Party Applications

  • Oscommerce
  • Blog
  • Forum

Ecommerce: sell, analyse, sell more

Let us help make your ecommerce website profitable, easy to use and work for you.

We can help you succeed at ecommerce by providing a tailored solution to meet your needs that:

  • Be easy to use
  • Encourages people to buy from you
  • Encourages increased spend
  • Encourages loyalty and repeat business
  • Gives you a good return on investment

We know what works and what makes an effective ecommerce site, whether you needhHelp with:

  • Setting up a new ecommerce site
  • Advice and support on developing an existing ecommerce site
  • Replacing an existing ecommerce website
  • Developing your online brand

Give us a call. We’re friendly and offer advice based upon years of experience of what works and what makes money.

Or talk to our clients.. We have an enviable reputation for client care and meeting the needs of our clients.

We can provide you with a stand-alone solution or one that integrates with other business systems such as:

  • Accounts software
  • EPOS systems

Other success stories:

  • Hen & Hammock
  • Montezumas
  • Aston Matthews
  • Care and Comfort
  • Jeanstore

We are passionate about your sales

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